Thursday, 23 June 2011

i want you to fight for me

“I wanted you to fight for me.”What do you do when your relationship is on the rocks? When your love feels hard? You try to fix it. You try at least. That one ounce of faith you have can actually make  your relationship stronger. I wouldn’t leave without a fight. I want to make this work. I need this. Especially, I need you. You keep me sane in a way that keep all my thoughts cleared. A relationship is based on trust, dedication, and full heart.  It’s sad how people give up so easily. After one stupid fight, they’re gone. Your relationship didn’t mean shit. They mean shit to you. How can you say that about a person who spent constant hours trying to make you happy. They were there for you when you were sad, they stayed throughout all the fights and after that one argument, you through it all away. Is your love so naive now that they weren’t good enough for you? You had no time for them? You guys grew apart? I don’t think so. Love requires that passion and fire that will still burn no matter what. All they wanted from you was to fight for your love. They wanted to see if you still cared enough to share your feelings and let them know how you’re feeling.
“I thought you loved me”, “I thought you said we would last forever.” “Things change. People Change” “No they don’t, you just lost some heart and I’m trying to help you find it.” “I’m sorry we’re over.” Has this ever happened to you and thought this was so hard to do. It’s not. It’s the easy way out. They agve up just like that. They never gave you a chance. Now, they’re out trying to hit it and quit it with another person. Most likely, they’ll end up heartbroken because of their past. Will people like these ever find happiness?
Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, assholes, scumbags, and jerk-offs who ever broke your heart. They played you. Accept the fact. But know this, you’re better then that. You’ll have plenty of oppurtunities in the future to fall in love and never fall out again. Sure, may be he wasn’t the right guy but you fell hard for him  or she has your heart but you’ll never have hers. Always remember to works towards that better life. If you have problems, work them out. Constantly imagine yourself working for love. It doesn’t come cheap. Nothing in this life is easy, everything is worked hard for. Dedication is important. Communication is key. Work it out. Work for this love. Great things are yet to come.

dear katak sayang ,
aku mnta maaf keh ? yess baby , i want you fight for me . alwaysss <3 aku sedih kau tahu katak . aku sakit harini , perut aku buat hal n aku punye asgfagsfgh berdarah. banyak gilosss. katak , kau sayang aku kan ? hihi , baby aku rinddduuuu nak sandar kat badan kau .*please jgn ckp aku miang lagi --.* aku sweeet nie katak . kau buat hal aku dush dush kauu . tapi aku tahu kau sayang aku kan ? :')

12.32 am

damea, aku sayang kau. aku xkuat klu kau kejap2 buat gini sama aku. kau kejap2 tglkan aku sendiri. maafkan aku klu aku ckp benda yg kau xsuka. maaf sgt. aku nk kau tahu. aku sayang kau . dlm hati aku hny ada wanita yg bernama nursyazananie damea bte adenan . xda lg org lan. engat etu sayang ! jaga diri kau .

katak masin

maaf sayang , setiap hari aku sakiti kau . setiap hari aku balas text kau lambat . kau tahu katak ? aku da lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ta tido lewat gini time sekolah . hihi tape sayang . untuk kau , apa ada hal ? :) just i want you to know that  alwayssss love you <3 kbaii salamm :)

lots of love,

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