Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Friends like Star in Sky

you will remember who take care of you , who love you so much , who always be right there when you need her . who always cry with you when you feel wanna to cry .  you will always remember who share food with you with no shame at all . that i will call her bestfriend . and thanks ALLAH i found her . and thanks to Allah because she always take care of me . 

Nor hasyimah mohmad ,
dear baby , please please don't leave me . :'> i know i'm the bad girl , i know i'm the lazy girl , i know i'm the stubborn girl . but honey , you're always advice me . and i really love that because i know you always love me rite ? hihi 17.7.2009 we're closed each other . and till now alhamdulilah we're always be together .

when i called friend , i don't know who it is . because they always busy with they own life . but sometimes i wanna chillex with them too , why why ? why must i always cry for friend ? sometime they don't know me , are they forget me ? why must i always have this feeling ? hughhh ! its make me crazy all the time . only Him know what my feeling then . and you ! yess you ! you're the worst friend i meet . and now my tears just for you . whether i'm to bad to you ? :/ i'm to crazy now . kbaii 

Friends are like stars. Some come and go, But the ones that stay are the ones that glow

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